From the Airport to Solitude Mountain Resort: Your Comprehensive Transportation Guide

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With its pristine trails, breathtaking views, and first-class amenities, Solitude Mountain Resort is a dream destination for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. But before you can hit the slopes and experience the thrill of fresh powder, you must plan your journey from the airport to Solitude. We’ve compiled this comprehensive transportation guide to help you make the most of your time.

Why Choose Solitude Mountain Resort for Your Ski Getaway?

Solitude Mountain Resort is the perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful and uncrowded skiing experience. It has over 1,200 acres of skiable terrain and 500 inches of annual snowfall, perfect for all ski levels.

Solitude Ski Resort is known for its relaxed and intimate atmosphere, unlike its more famous neighbors. The resort lives up to its name, providing a tranquil and uncrowded environment for skiers and snowboarders.

While Solitude may have a different name recognition than some of the larger resorts in the area, it more than makes up for it with its quality terrain and serene setting. Solitude offers a unique combination of challenging runs for advanced skiers and a variety of beginner and intermediate trails.

In addition to its fantastic ski offerings, Solitude Mountain Resort provides many amenities, including luxury accommodations, spa facilities, and excellent dining options. The resort’s commitment to providing a personalized and excellent service makes it a top ski destination.

What is the Nearest Airport to Solitude Ski Resort?

The nearest airport is Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). It is approximately 34 miles away. With its close proximity, SLC offers visitors from across the globe convenient access to the resort.

Transportation Options from the Airport to Solitude Ski Resort

When it comes to getting from the airport to Solitude Ski Resort, you have several transportation options to choose from, including:

1. Rental Car

For those who prefer the freedom to explore the surrounding area at their leisure, renting a car at the airport is convenient. Several well-known car rental companies operate at Salt Lake City International Airport, offering a wide selection of vehicles to suit your needs.

From SLC to Solitude Mountain Resort:

  1. Exit the airport and head west on Terminal Dr.
  2. Use the right lane to merge onto I-80 E via the ramp to City Center/Ogden/Provo.
  3. Take exit 130B to merge onto I-215 S toward Provo/Las Vegas.
  4. Continue onto UT-190 E, following signs for Big Cottonwood Canyon.
  5. Drive through the canyon and turn left onto UT-210 E/S Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd.
  6. Continue up the canyon for approximately 3.5 miles.
  7. Turn right onto Solitude Village Rd.
  8. Follow the road to the resort.

2. Shuttle Service

Suppose you prefer to skip the hassle of driving. In that case, you can also take advantage of the shuttle services available at the airport. Many hotels near Solitude Ski Resort offer complimentary shuttle service for their guests, so it’s worth checking if your accommodation provides this convenient amenity.

Additionally, private shuttle companies operate between Salt Lake City International Airport and various ski resorts, including Solitude. You can book in advance and ensure their schedules are often tailored to match flight arrivals and departures.

3. Ride-Sharing Services

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are widely available in Salt Lake City. After landing at the airport, you can book via your smartphone app and wait in the designated pick-up area.

4. Taxi

Traditional taxi services are also an option for transportation from the airport. Taxi stands are located outside Salt Lake City International Airport terminals, where you can easily find a cab to take you to Solitude Ski Resort. However, it’s essential to note that taking a taxi may be more expensive compared to other transportation options.

5. Limousine Service

If you want to add luxury to your ski vacation, you can opt for a limousine service. A Limousine Connection is a private transportation company that offers high-end limousine services from Salt Lake City International Airport to Solitude Ski Resort. Their professional chauffeurs and well-maintained vehicles ensure a comfortable and stylish journey.
Arriving at the Airport to Solitude: Your Comprehensive Transportation Guide | ALC

How Much is a Shuttle from Salt Lake City Airport to Solitude?

Shuttle prices from Salt Lake City Airport to Solitude Ski Resort can vary depending on the service provider and the type of shuttle you choose. Many hotels near the resort Solitude Ski area offer complimentary shuttle service for their guests, so if you’re staying at one of these properties, the shuttle’s cost is typically included in your accommodation package.

Private shuttle services, which can be booked separately, usually range from $50 to $100 per person for a round trip. These shuttles operate on a fixed schedule and may have limited availability, so making reservations in advance is recommended.

How Long Does it Take to Get from Salt Lake City Airport to Solitude?

The travel time from Salt Lake City Airport to Solitude Ski Resort can vary depending on the transportation mode and the current traffic conditions. On average, the journey takes around 1 hour by car, shuttle, or limousine.

It’s important to note that during peak travel periods and winter weather, travel times may be longer, so checking for any potential delays before your arrival is advisable.

Plan Ahead for a Smooth Journey from the Airport to Solitude

As you prepare for your upcoming ski getaway, remember to plan your transportation from the airport to Solitude. Considering your options and book arrangements in advance to make your trip to this winter paradise hassle-free.


Getting from the airport to Solitude is the first step in your winter adventure, Careful planning can make this journey strees free: Consider your budget, group size, and itinerary preferences to choose the most suitable option. Whether it’s a shared shuttle, private transport, or the ultimate luxury of a limousine, each choice can affect the quality of your trip.

Remember, the mountains are calling, and you must go. Still, a seamless transportation plan can make your journey all the more enjoyable.

Experience the Luxury of a Limousine Ride to Solitude Ski Resort!

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Solitude Mountain Resort, a hidden gem in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. If you're planning a trip to this winter wonderland, it's essential to know the best way to get from the airport to Solitude.

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