Do shuttles run from Salt Lake City Airport to Snowbird?

salt lake city airport to snowbird

A trip to Utah’s Wasatch Range should be filled with memorable experiences out in the snow, not stressful situations where you don’t even know how to get from one place to another. For that very reason, we have convenient shuttle services that can take you from Salt Lake City Airport (SLC) directly to the doorstep of your Snowbird adventure.

Understanding Your Needs

We cater to all types of Snowbird explorers, from solo travelers to large friend groups and families with children. If you’re a first-timer embarking on your inaugural Utah ski adventure or an enthusiastic skier seeking a stress-free arrival, you can trust A Limousine Connection to provide the perfect shuttle service to transport you all the way to Snowbird.


salt lake city airport to snowbird

The Case for Shuttles

Ditch the rental car confusions and avoid stressing over the unfamiliar mountain roads. Just sit back and enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you’re transported directly to your Snowbird lodging. Shuttle services offer affordable group transportation, perfect for splitting costs with fellow adventurers and caring for your vacation budget. Experienced drivers familiar with Little Cottonwood Canyon navigate mountain roads safely for your comfortable arrival, regardless of Snowbird weather.

Types of Shuttle Services

Shared Shuttles: These economical options are ideal for solo travelers or smaller groups. They typically follow predetermined routes and may make brief stops at other destinations along the way. While this might add a slight delay to your overall travel time, it’s a fantastic way to meet fellow skiers and snowboarders and share the thrill of your upcoming adventure.

Private Shuttles: For the ultimate comfort and flexibility, choose a private shuttle service. These exclusive shuttles cater solely to your group, allowing you to determine the pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as the schedule. This personalized option is ideal for families with young children or those with specific needs.

Popular Shuttle Service Providers

Several reputable shuttle services operate between Salt Lake City Airport and Snowbird. Here are a few highly-rated options to consider:

  • Alta Shuttle: Renowned for their comfortable 4×4 vehicles and experienced drivers, Alta Shuttle offers shared and private shuttles, running every 20-30 minutes during peak season.
  • Canyon Transportation: This established provider offers rideshare shuttles between SLC and Snowbird, with a journey time of approximately 45 minutes.
  • Snowbird Central Reservations: You can acquire both Snowbird accommodation and shuttle services through Snowbird Central Reservations. They offer a detailed travel package, so you won’t have to make a bunch of different reservations.

Booking Your Shuttle Service

Planning is key! Book your shuttle early, especially in the busy winter months. Most shuttle providers offer online booking options, making the process quick and convenient. Familiarize yourself with booking procedures, cancellation policies, and baggage allowances before finalizing your reservation. While you’re busy adapting to the strenuous Snowbird elevation, you’ll be grateful that everything in your trip has been booked in advance.

The Day of Your Arrival

Upon landing at Salt Lake City Airport, follow the well-marked signage directing passengers to the ground transportation area. Here, you’ll find designated pick-up zones for various shuttle services. Look for signage displaying the name of your chosen provider (for those who value class and comfort, that would be A Limousine Connection), or ask airport personnel for assistance.

The Journey to Snowbird

Enjoy the beautiful Wasatch Range, diverse Snowbird temperatures, an abundance of fresh air, and of course, the incredible views of Utah’s mountains and forests. The estimated travel time from SLC to Snowbird is approximately 45 minutes, depending on road conditions and traffic, so you’ll have enough time to take in the sights. Be prepared for potential winter weather delays, especially during snowstorms.

Arrival at Snowbird

Your shuttle will deliver you directly to a convenient drop-off location at Snowbird. Pro-tip: Refrain from lugging your ski bags. Many shuttle services offer luggage assistance to ensure a smooth transition from the vehicle to your accommodation. Relax, collect your belongings, and follow the signage or inquire with the shuttle driver for directions to your Snowbird lodging.

Alternatives to Shuttle Services

While shuttle services offer a convenient and hassle-free solution, there are other transportation options available to get you from SLC to Snowbird:

  • Renting a Car: Driving through the mountain roads on your own might sound appealing, especially for experienced drivers. However, be aware of winter weather conditions and make sure your rental car is equipped for snowy roads and potentially treacherous mountain passes.
  • Taxis: Taxis offer a direct and personalized service but can be more expensive than shuttles, particularly for larger groups.
  • Rideshare Services: Uber and Lyft are available in Salt Lake City, but they can get scarce around Little Cottonwood Canyon. While you can secure a ride to Snowbird, finding a return trip from the resort, especially during peak hours or bad weather, is quite the challenge.

Making the Best Choice

The ideal transportation option from SLC to Snowbird depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Group Size: Shared shuttles are a cost-effective option for solo travelers or smaller groups. For larger groups, private shuttles or rental vehicles might be more suitable.
  • Budget: Shared shuttles are the most affordable option, followed by rideshare services (depending on availability), and finally private shuttles and rental cars.
  • Comfort and Flexibility: Private shuttles and rental cars provide the greatest comfort and flexibility. You even get to customize your travel itinerary!
  • Experience Level: If you’re unfamiliar with winter driving conditions, choosing a shuttle service with experienced drivers might be the safer and more relaxing choice.

Beyond the Shuttles: Additional Tips

  • Peak Season Wait Times: Be prepared for
    potential wait times during peak ski seasons, especially when using shared shuttles. Keep track of Snowbird weather to assess when it’s most convenient to travel. We highly recommend you book your shuttle service in advance.
  • Luggage Considerations: Shuttle services typically have limitations on luggage size and weight. Pack efficiently and ensure your ski bags comply with the provider’s guidelines.
  • Pre-Book Ski Rentals: Avoid wasting precious time on the slopes by booking your ski or snowboard equipment rentals at Snowbird in advance. Many online rental services offer convenient delivery directly to your accommodation.


Choosing a shuttle service guarantees a smooth, convenient, and cost-effective solution for getting from Salt Lake City Airport to your Snowbird adventure. With professional drivers navigating the mountain roads and comfortable vehicles ideal for relaxation, you can arrive at your winter wonderland ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Say goodbye to stress and discomfort when you book your shuttle service with A Limousine Connection, your trusted partner for the ultimate trip to Snowbird.

Craving Luxury? A Limousine Connection Leads the Journey From Salt Lake City Airport to Snowbird

Planning a luxurious arrival at your Snowbird ski resort? Choose A Limousine Connection! We provide top-of-the-line limousine transportation adjusting to your needs and itinerary. For an unforgettable start to your Snowbird adventure, book your classy shuttle from Salt Lake City Airport to Snowbird and discover why A Limousine Connection is the most trusted transportation company in Utah.

Discover easy shuttles from Salt Lake City Airport to Snowbird. Choose shared or private rides for a smooth, scenic trip. Book early for a hassle-free journey.

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